The Bond Between Adinkra Pie & Rush Energy Drink

                                                               November 30, 2016– 9:58am

Photo Credit: Trotro Diaries

This shirtless truck driver just bought a chilled rush energy drink in traffic on the Awoshie-Pokuase road. He takes a sip, closes the lid and starts yelling out to the Adinkra pie seller close to our troski.

“Hey, sssss, adinkra pie, madam!” yet she couldn’t hear him until the lights turned green and we moved.

I noticed his efforts and could have easily prompted her but this is ENERGY DRINK for God’s sake. I may have denied him his breakfast but at least I saved a life. Whoever introduced this combo must be charged with impending genocide. As you can see, it goes beyond just the pie, there can be bread too.

Do you think I was mean?

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