The Smart Old Beggar

December 18, 2016, at 7:45 am

It’s refreshing leaving the house early on a Sunday morning as this. Few people, less traffic, less drama.

But immediately I dropped off the (public transport) troski at the Lapaz Ecobank, I heard ‘sssss’ behind me. I never respond to that call unless it’s intense so I turned.

It was an old man (looking quite strong) pushing a bicycle. He beckoned me to stop and I did reluctantly.

“I don’t know anyone here. Moreover, why would any beggar single me out among a lot of commuters? Maybe he has a divine message for me as usual” I thought while watching him push his rickety bike towards me.

“Madam good morning. Please give me Gh2 cedis to buy porridge (koko). My name is Attah, I am a twin.”

His twin statement forced a laughter out of me immediately. I looked at him laughing. I don’t know why I found it very amusing but why did he have to add that?

“Okay, I don’t have Gh2 cedis. Do you care for Gh1 cedi?”

“Yes, I’ll appreciate it. Thank you.”

I reached for my bag and handed him the money smiling. Whatever got me beaming must be fascinating. Definitely the twin touch.

I hardly give out money to strangers but it’s kinda weird how I did that willingly.

If the trick was the twin, then it worked on me. Who knows, maybe I’m going to have twins someday (never thought of that, though).

But hey, I won’t be alone. I noticed he moved to talk to other people. Whatever format he was using on them must be funny as well because I saw a few of them smile. Funny old man 😀


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