My Driver Has Locks But Please Don’t Judge Him

Last night, I ordered #Uru (Uber’s competitor) and waited for the driver to come pick me up from the office. He arrives in a cute Hyundai car spotting a long deadlock. I opened the front door and suddenly decided otherwise so I sat in the back.

“Madam can I start the journey now” he asks.

“Yes sure” I reply steadily.

“Would you direct me or I should use the GPS.”

“Anyone would do.”

He decided to use the GPS and waited for the voice prompt to direct him. It was getting boring so I took over the directions. In the process, I struck a conversation.

“How long have you been using this service?”

“Started just last week.”

“Oh ok. Is this your first time?”

“No, I drove with Uber for about two weeks but they blocked me. I dunno what I did.”

“I see. Maybe your rating wasn’t encouraging.”

I looked down to my phone and enlarged his picture. We were stuck in traffic so I made him look at it.

“Is that you?”

“Yes, that’s me. I took this picture today.”

“But I don’t see your full head. Were you trying to hide your locks?”

“No, not at all. It’s the photographer’s fault.”

“Ok. Do people have issues with your hair.”

He smiles.

“Madam me I’m a rasta man but I dunno why people sometimes behave someway.”

“Behave how?”

“Sometimes they think we’re bad people because they say we smoke and all that.”

“Do you think that’s why you got blocked?”

“I can’t tell honestly. At at point they wanted me back but I decided to let go.”

“Probably you should have gone to find out.”

“Well, along the line I got another offer. Everything was set until the employers saw my rasta; they decided otherwise.”


“Madam see, I’m a very cool person. If my heart laid in my palm, I’m sure you’d know what I’m talking about. I have a family of four children and I try as much as possible to make everyone happy, even people I pick.”

“I see. You must be frustrated with this stereotype with rasta men.”

“Well, what can I say? The people who steal, kill and do bad things are the ones in suit, trust me. But such is life.”

Of course, It’s more than just a long dread locked hair.

Let’s be honest. What is your first impression about men with dreadlocks?

Disclaimer: The featured image is not the driver in question.

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