POEM: Tell Mama How I Died

_When you go home tell my mama that the very people I was sent to give life to took my own.

_Tell mama that though I promised to return I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise.

_Mama tell it to the hill towns, tell it to the trees, tell it to the generations yet unborn that my life was snuffed out at the glare of the cameras.

_Tell mama my plea of innocence was not taken.

_Tell mama my lifeless body was set ablaze by another mama.

_Tell mama not to cry for me but for the country that raised me.

_Tell mama I had huge dreams unfulfilled.

_Tell mama I was keeping fit to protect the very people who stood by and watched me lynched to death.

_Tell mama I gave up the ghost while holding my weapon.

_Tell mama I loved the people who took my life so much that I didn’t want to shed their blood.

_Tell mama I died not in a strange land but on the land mama raised me on.

_Tell my mama I’m gone never to return again.

_Please, tell it to my mama that I’m sorry.

_Tell it of me that for their tomorrow I gave my today. RIP Max, gone but not forgotten.
Rest In Peace Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama 🇬🇭

By: Capt. Edmund K.


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